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We are a small, enthusiastic residential design studio, offering a professional and affordable service for your new home or renovation project.

We are led by Registered Architect Richard Ormsby (ANZIA), who has over 20 years experience of residential design in Canterbury.

With a Registered Architect at the helm, you are assured of a high quality, professional and thorough service that responds uniquely to your particular circumstances. For more information on the benefits of employing an Architect, we recommend you visit the NZ Institute of Architects website.

Our approach

All new home and renovation projects have their unique set of circumstances, be it the site characteristics or the client requirements. The ‘cookie-cutter’ approach of the housing companies usually results in a home that falls short of maximizing the full potential of both the site and the brief.

Over many years of working closely with a number of Canterbury housing companies, providing a design service for their more discerning clients or more challenging sites, we firmly believe that our early involvement in the design process will invariably result in a far superior new or renovated home.

We strive to provide the benefits of an Architect designed home to those that assume they can’t afford it. We have proven over the years that a small investment in our services early in the process will improve the quality and the value of your new or renovated home substantially.

We can provide any amount of input you require, from a pre-purchase design feasibility study, to conceptual design options, through to full design, construction documentation and supervision services. We also enjoy Kitchen, Bathroom and other interior design challenges.

Every brief is unique, every budget is limited. Let’s work together every step of the way to ensure we tick every box on your brief while keeping track of the costs by constantly involving an experienced builder through the design process.

We have strong, long-term working relationships with a number of high quality Canterbury building companies that we would be happy to recommend to you where we see the ‘fit’ working well. And of course we are happy to work with a builder of your choice.


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